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United Kingdom
Caucasian (white)
Looking for:

I am a kind, open-hearted, sincere and understanding man.
I am easy-tempered and I am very tolerant with people.
I am a good listener and I am always ready to help those people who ask me for a help.
I am joyful and optimistic by nature and I prefer to look at things positively.
I never lose heart and I can enjoy life in all its displays.
I am a sociable person and it is not usually difficult for me to find common points with people.
I have a good sense of humor and I think that this quality of mine often helps me to cope with different troubles and problems.
I am looking for a woman who will become everything for me, who will become my soul mate. I do not have any high demands.
I just want her to be sent to me by God. Smile. It would be preferable if we had common interests.
In relationships I consider it is important when two people are able to find compromises, show attention and care towards each other, avoid routine and just simply love each other.
I would like my soul mate to be serious and be able to take responsibility for his decisions
. My life partner should be able to give a good piece of advice and be a reliable shoulder for her beloved man.
My soul mate should be a real woman with the heart open for true love. Smile.

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