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Sydney, Australia
5' 7"
Dark brown
Middle Eastern
Looking for:

I like to relax and go for long drives, beach walks, dinning out, travelling, I like sunset and romantic settings. I would like to find my soul mate and my true love. I hope to find some one who is serious about having a family in its ups and downs, in the good and the bad in happiness and sadness. Some one to grow together for ever. I like to go trips, swimming. I like to cook and try new food. I am a kind guy well travelled. I like to learn new things in life like cultures, food, go to new places. I like communication. I love nature and people. Life is what we make of it. I am spontaneous, going on long drives and 4wd, swimming and snorkelling in the sea. I like adventures and water activities. I lived in so many places in the world and love to see more of the world.

I am looking for a serious relationship and to make a family

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