I need an urgent kidney please write Greg Martin's for proceeding.

Do you want to sell your kidney?
Are you looking for an opportunity to sell your kidneys for money due to economic crises and you don't know what to do?
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email: drgregmartins866@gmail.com.

Price: $ 450,000 USD ..... So for now, before proceeding further, you will need to provide complete data so we can be able to send to the donor office for documentation.

TYPE OF DATA necessary donor

Donors Full names:
Blood donor group:
Gender Gender:
Age of donors:
Date of birth of the donor:
Donor language:
Reporting donor:
Donor phone number:
Occupation / occupation donor:
Donor's reason for selling:
Country donor:
State donor:
The next donor Kin:

I await your responed.......email address: drgregmartins866@gmail.com.

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