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Pueblo, Colorado, United States
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Caucasian (white)
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PLEASE READ WHAT i'M LOOKING FOR BEFORE CONTACTING ME. I'm a proud Reservist and Veteran with a heck of a lot to offer. Financially and emotionally stable. I love bigger women and that's what I'm doing here. I love oldies and classic rock music sprinkled with a lot of country. I love traveling even though I've done a LOT of it. I'd consider myself fairly nice looking. I'm not Brad Pitt but I'm not the Elephant man either. The last time I got whistled at I almost got hit by a train. If you get to know me I WILL make you laugh. I think a good gut laugh to where you're gut is hurting is better than almost anything. I'd say I have a goofy sense of humor with a little dry humor mixed in. I do impressions too but I really have to be comfortable to do those. I can sing too but only if you want me to clear a room. I love to dance but my moves on the floor don't exactly defy gravity. They may defy other physics, and or other natural law though. Political Correctness is not my strong suit. I'm a serious passionate student of history and have been told I could teach it. I will stand up for what I believe and I can articulate it very well. I'm very well liked everywhere I've gone with very few exceptions. I love to communicate. I've been told I have a gift of being with and dealing with people. I'm proud of that. I love great movies. Mostly historical epics but I love a great laugher too as rare as those are. With all of that I know how to treat a woman. She should be on a pedestal and treated with respect and gratitude. I'm very touchy feely so PDA's are in the realm of possibility. I love dogs and cat's. Who wouldn't love the nobility of those creatures. If I fall outside of your age parameters, I may look but I probably won't contact you. I am a praying man but I won't shove it down anyone's throat. That would be painful. Want to know more just ask...please!

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