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Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania
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African American (black)
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College grad
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Clerical / Administrative
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Hi, Nice to meet you here and I am happy to be here anyway!!!! My name is Algore Sympson Georgeous. I am a boy aged 25yrs old living in my lovely country which located in Africa. My country TANZANIA home of the world's animals is leading with natural animals parks in the world. We have more than 12 natural parks in my country. Also it’s the first country for producing diamond and gold in the world. My family we are 4 children’s in total, I am the first bon, then the second is my young sister, third ones my young brother and the last one is my youngest sister. My family has divorced and for the moment I am living alone just with my friends sometime I can say they are my parents!!!! After my family been divorced I was taken care by my uncles. I took my Primary education in India when my mummy was ambassador there in India, then I went Geneva Switzerland where I took my Ordinary secondary, after that I went back to my lovely country where I took my Advanced Level of Education. After my good results I went to join University of Kampala where I gained my degree of Bachelor leisure Tourism and Hotel Management its good because now I am working here in my lovely country. I am here because I need to tell the world how I am looks like and what I need. I am African but white a bit, aged 25 yrs again, my body is average and my hair is black. I am tall around 6feets. I am looking for beautifully wife who is going to be my lovely wife. I am sure from God that I know how to love, how to care and I promise to love her forever. I think the day I will meet her I'll beg the world to listen even a second for our love story, I'll like to take her up to the top of the mountain around 5: am before light come more clear and when the lighter start come clear now I'll tell her how my feelings is to her and from there we gonna open our relationship!!! Cell Phone: +255 787840806

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