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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
5' 4"
Light brown
Caucasian (white)
Looking for:

Im a conservative, clean, open minded,fun loving woman who likes to laugh and smile. And most of the people see me smiling all the time.
When it comes to relationship, I am very caring and loving with my partner.I need a man who is happy to see me talking with my family and friends. I also like interesting places to watch. I like outdoors and i also like indoors too. It is a matter of decide where to be weather am alone or with friends to decide for outdoors or indoors but i m ok with both of them.I love adventoures film and documentary and historafical filmst, and funny films are my favourite.
Im interested of reading and collecting books.I like listening to radio hits or listening my favourite songs. I like dancing to any type of music.In my free time i love going for walks, having dinner at a restaurant, going shopping or go to a movie, also going to church on Sundays.
I like and eat Italian foods such like spagetthi with tomato chili sous is one of my best and i like Indian food and ocean And i can eat chocolate at any time.
I do not smoke. I drink alcohol only occassionally in events like celebration or wedding...
In my last relationship i learned a lot about human feelings and resonsibility as i was cheated but learned a lot but also was broken-hearted for a long time because that time was very hard for me. I wish to have a man whom i can understand and he can understans me too, whom gives me freedom and i also give him his freedom, whom i can respect as a man and be happy by his side . I hope those time will come and i will be a happy woman by someones side and in life.
I also wish God to give me children in life, if even they are not my own, i love kids and i love teaching and playing with them.
I am looking for that special one who is just waiting for me!
Please for easier conversation, if you feel to reply, send me an e-mail

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