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United Kingdom
5' 8"
Light brown
Caucasian (white)
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YES ! HI. I am just a single guy from UK who works in Budapest and am looking to meet a great fun ( must like to laugh and be a bit crazy ) girl or lady from anywhere in Hungary really. Someone who likes going out and travel overseas maybe someone who wants to spend a bit of time in London and see the world. I am great fun, love travel am I am told pretty good looking very fit because I love sports including something called Rugby ! (ha ha) and rowing. I LOVE BUDAPEST but would like to meet a sexy funny girl who maybe even just wants to go out to music bars, arts, concerts and (ideally) likes going and doing sports or activities on weekends as well. I have lived in Asia, Africa and USA in the past. I have NO children or anything hanging in my past. Just take me as I am and enjoy life. Hope to hear from you ! I am Si.

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