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adam_in_america, Sparta, Illinois, United States
Sparta, Illinois, United States
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"In my own words"? Okay... I am an intelligent, artistic, thoughtful, heartful, eccentric genius. I mean this with all modesty and honesty.

I have been studying the Hungarian language for over a year now, "for fun", and am otherwise not affiliated with Hungary or its culture, though I am fascinated with both. And I LOVE the language! I also love Hungarian music of all sorts. I have never been to Hungary, though obviously I would love to go there. I would say I love Hungarian food, but I have not tired it yet.

Currently, I live with my parents and my dog. Is it an ideal situation? Well...perhaps ideal for me at this time. I am very fortunate to have a loving and supportive family (and dog).

I exercise very much. Not at a gym or with weights, but with my own body, walking several miles with my dog each day, shadow boxing, lifting and moving my own weight in various ways, doing exercises inspired by martial arts and animal movements. I have a tall, lean build, but am strong and tone. I eat very healthily.

I have played and studied music nearly my entire life. I studied it at college. I have a B.A. of Liberal Arts. I play guitar and piano (and various other instruments).

I am very patient, loving, studious, kind, good humored, and free spirited.

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