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JackSalt, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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It is still morning here in CR, lots of songbirds about, my chickens are wandering over the property, sun shining over the ocean and clouds coming over the mountain behind me. I am close to the beach, and live among many wild animals. I haven't lived in a city for >20 years. I don't think I could do it--all the traffic, dirty air and poor water quality, staying cooped up inside an apartment only to run to your car or bus, then dash to your office?! None of that where I live. The material life is only sustenance while I work on my internal landscape. Life is predictably difficult enough, so controlling one's mind, actions, and mouth is important. I am not alpha-aggressive, but bullies, whether personal, cultural or political are an anathema. As instructor in Chinese health & martial arts, I workout daily to keep healthy, eat well, sleep sufficiently. I fight for what is dear to me. I am sensual and affectionate. Our tribe needs more of us, and I am open to having children again. I loved it the first time! I have trained dozens of people of all ages integral mind-body movement and have published a couple books in the field, as well as one socio-political primer to help awaken newbies to the current problems in the world, and one historical fiction novel. Politically I am conservative. I trust the old ways of the Tribe. The modernistic paradigm away from nature was imposed upon us by an inferior and devious people who came out of ancient Khazaria. A life focused on commercialism destroys the soul, the family, the Tribe. Personal goals: Stay healthy and live long, in order to apply and pass on the wisdom accumulated. Have more white children, if possible. Further relevant to me: Guard the health of your mind, take care of your body, love your family, stay true to your people. Don't trust the lame-stream paradigm.

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