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Arts, Community service, Family, Listening to music, Reading, Religion, Travel, Cooking, Gardening, Crafts
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Hello ,
LOVE IS THE BEST THING IN THE LIFE- I am looking for true, deep love and happy marriage.
website: ht tp:/ /truelovehappymarriage.webs.c o m/ , Fall greetings from Egypt and from me to you!. My name is Mohamed El-Sayad, I am strong Egyptian man, handsome,good looking, attractive, my birth date is 27th January, 1967, Height: I am 185 Cm.tall,or 6 feet.1 inche, my Body Type: Average, Hair color: Black, Eye color: black, I do not gambling, I do not use drugs, I do not smoke nor drink wine, Alcohol at all, I never make sex with all and any girls before, I am clean do not have ill "HIV" AIDS, my health is very sound and strong, I have so high energy, desires, passion and very much vitality,hardworking, super active, strong, I love make love and make sex oh too much, 24/7, just only with my lover and future I am very strong, hungry and have high desires, sexual power. I am single and free. I am good Muslim and religious person. Looking for good woman. for marriage, Iam very serious person. I search only for serious relations,for other half, my soul mate and I wish to be favorite! and forever.I am looking for someone to love and spend the rest of my life with, you and me together will build happy marriage and strong family. send to my E,M a i l: frommregypt(AT)googlemail.c, o, m
. My woman should be my lover, friend and partner in one person. I want my partner to have dreams and desires for the future that we can accomplish together. send to my E,M, a, i, l: frommregypt(AT)googlemail.c, o, m
Iam single, looking for true love and happy marriage, if you want marry good Egyptian man and we live together forever in paradis of love, I promiss you that we live in love in romantic nights with soft light, candle light and soft music, Softly spoken Pampering Massage Sleep Relaxation kiss and cuddle and make love to you 24 hours in every day and night-24/7- not stop..more and and more. please you have to know Iam very very serious man want get marriage.Do you like be my wife. now I have new flat large flat 5 rooms, ready with new furniture, it ready for you to stay in it we can marry in it. please if you are serious woman like me do not play with me and send me your photos to see you.I can live with you in any place in the world you want it, I want to have a happy strong family. My interests are music, reading, traveling, nature, culture,know more about different cultures. history, decoration art, arts,crafts, handcraft, gardening, photography, cooking, all sorts of cooking, Aerobics, yoga, Healthcare,Healthy living, Aerobics with dance music, and exchange holidays, Hospitality/Tourism. My Personality:strong, Quiet, Faithful, Intelligent, Ambitious, Philosophical, Independen,Adventurous, I am very romantic, Affectionate, emotional, warm, caring, kind, sincere, honest, loyal,serious, understanding, open minded, loving, faithful, funny, humorous, patient, smart, intelligent, ambitious, cultured, positive, generous and creative man . I have good warm clean heart like baby heart and I have big grow up mind like mind of wise&philosopher man. I have a house of four floors and I live alone, I speaks English and Arabic, high educated man, I am university graduate, I have got B.A. Bachelors in sociology, also I have got introductory of master's degree, I am social specialist at school, also I like free work, so I work as a businessman, export"Egyptian&touristic products" all over the world, my company( EGYPTIAN SOUVENIRS CO.). . I am successful in my work and I like it. ). Also I have Experience for make "THE PHARAON EGYPTIAN MASSAGE". Health&Beauty Care. and Also I have Experience for make Excellent Original "EGYPTIAN RESTAURANT".send to my E,M a i l: frommregypt(AT)googlemail.c, o, m

would love to learn more about islam and arabic language.i. Do you like learn Arabic language, or How make Egyptian cooking, Do you want learn more about Islam religion? I can help you..
ht tp:/ /visitegypt.tripod.c. o. m/

Really I have not any girl friend or wife, I had searched for my dream girl as a wife since many years ago, but I can not found her, How can I do this? you will never know how much of love in deep inside in whole my heart, but where is my love? I can not find"THE TRUE LOVE" until now, I have too much love, but where is my dream girl? I am dying for find her, when I find her I will do my best to care and make her happy during all circumstances and give her my mind and heart and she will be the whole world to me, my love, friend, family, life partner and wife. cheer her up when she weak and be there for her at all times. I believe the most important thing in the life is LOVE and friendship. I mean the true and clean love, no life without love, the love is life and the life is love, nothing is more valuable than love in the life the love can change everything, we love ourselves and the life more when love somebody ales in my opinion we can feel very happy indeed when we have lover and good friend(wife). seeking to make friends. I am looking for true love and happy marriage.I am looking for true love in my life. Age or nacionality or race isn't important, but you need a good heart and real love for meLove need 2 hearts, two hearts beat like one heart Are you single or married? What is your country? where are you live? What is your nationality?What is your job?
Really I hope we can be very very good friends and more.......please send me your photos.send to my E,M. a. i. l: frommregypt(AT)googlemail.c, o, m

I am longing for know everything about you. I am awaiting your reply with great interest.

with my best wishes to you

Mohamed El-Sayad

call telephone number: Tel: 0,0,2,0,5,0,6,9,5,1,4,6,8

website: ht tp:/ /truelovehappymarriage.webs.c. o. m/

send to my E,M a i l: frommregypt(AT)googlemail.c. o. m
skype name: egyptianman1967

seeking to make friends. I am looking for true love and happy marriage.
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skype name: egyptianman1967
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