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New York, United States
5' 10"
Light brown
Caucasian (white)
Looking for:

I am a man living in New York City.
I do not speak Hungarian.
I am loyal, kind, affectionate, understanding, strong, interesting, interested, curious, good sense of humor, playful, and creative.
I do not ignore a woman's emotional power. I honor it as it is the life in a healthy relationship.
The desire to always workout problems with patience and validation is ever present.

I seek my soul mate for eventual marriage and raise a healthy family in the USA.

I am passionate with my words and effective with my hands.

I am a compassionate seasoned man, here searching for my future life partner.

I always look for the best in the woman who will be my soul mate.

I always protect the sacred vow which is to keep love in motion.

I strive to be understanding and if I create disharmony or my energy is not directed toward her happiness, then I am incomplete.

I take care of myself so I am very healthy and I am involved deeply in the health field.

I thirst for a family that grows from our wisdom, guidance and strength.

I have a deep affectionate personality that seeks the same.

I want to wake up each morning with her and feel that we have succeeded to live the best life that we have planned together.

My strength is in my gentleness.

I am a teacher of aeronautics in the New York City area, and I like to farm on the weekends when time permits in central New Jersey.

I want to experience everything with her.

My optimism fuels my will and directs me to create the best atmosphere for positive thoughts, love and meaningful, heartfelt communication.

The best relationship for me is that we work and plan our destiny together and help each other to fulfill our individual desires, hopes and dreams.

If you feel that we have the same interests, please contact me and see if we can start something nice.

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