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Oberwart, Austria
5' 9"
Caucasian (white)
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A nice and reliable man. May be not the best looking in town, but if you want a real man for sharing your life with, then you are at the right address. Live in the southeastern part of Austria close to Hungary, own a very big cozy house with a big garden, but only me living in it. Traveled through more than half of the world.
Upon my retirement, I plan a trip to fly around the world in my own small aircraft. This certainly needs a lady with some sort of adventurous mind.
But I own also a motorhome and would like to explore Europe with you. We can go anywhere, where wheels can go, self susstained in our "snail house".
I like nature, outdoor activity, gardening my roses, enjoy a barbacue on the terrace as well as indoors on the open fire place. Like "old" movies from the 30ties to 60ties in black and white, western with John Wayn, and good detective stories.
Sorry, have a few extra kilos, but maybe you'll help me to lose them with special "indoor sports" heheheee!
Activities I am not very fond of are: disco and disco music in all forms like techno, rap, hiphop and similar acoustic noise. Prefer rather music with a melody and tune, also clasic, play (or better to say try to) piano and accordeon.
I am some sort of a "house swine", because I like to enjoy good "slow food" at home with a glass of wine and then not having to worry about driving home! Don't missunderstand, I like to go out to parties with nice friends, or enjoy a "bring and fry" barbecue afternoon too.

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