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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
6' 3"
Caucasian (white)
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I like to think of myself as an eternal optimist. If life gives me lemons, I make lemonade.
I am on a quest to find my holy grail - my hearts desire.
I want to spend the rest of my life adoring and loving and caring for my soul mate.
Isn’t it nice to come home and have someone to talk to about your day? To look after you, to care about what makes you happy? I want a woman whom I can talk with, travel with and who I can rely on as she can rely on me. I do not want to talk interminably about feelings: hand holding and a simple quite togetherness is fine by me. Well, most of the time. (LOL)
My ethos is the harder you work the luckier you seem to get in life. If there is a short cut, please tell me!
My honesty and integrity has attracted some of the best friends that one would want to have in life. They have been there for me when life sometimes turns upside down.
Being born an eternal optimist with a self deprecating sense of humour - I get through life using humour on the worst that life has to throw. I experience a positive synthesis through the ability to make people laugh. Internally, I may be hurting or stressing over an issue in life, BUT can still deliver mirth, as after all, it is the best medicine, second only to LOVE of course.
I don’t give up, I never quit and I am sure that I will eventually find my soul mate.
BUT I have to tell you, this on line dating site is some thing that they never taught me about at school. POF could stand for Plen,ty Of Frustration GRRRRrrrr.
Oh well, head down, bum up, slap on some elbow grease, its' time to keep looking!
I enjoy a good read, particularly non-fiction, autobiographies (rarely sports or political persons). I like to read about average person who has overcome great adversity in their life and now shines like a beacon of hope to others.
I really enjoy a good movie, laugh out loud at comedy, cry over tear jerkers, scared S- - - less by horror and am into foreign movies bc they sometimes have the most wonderful stories without requiring a $100million in pyrotechnics and special effects.
Enjoy good some good TV shows. Yes they still do make a few!
Enjoy BBQs, walks in park or on the beach in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.
You don't need to spend a lot to enjoy what this beautiful world can give us.

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